Taken straight from http://www.myunixhost.com/faq

  • Is this real? It seems too good to be true!
    Certainly, it is real! You must be used to those hosts that offer you unlimited everything for $8 a month. Well we're not them. That deal may seem good up front, but if you're running a simple blog to keep your family updated on how you're doing, you're likely not getting anywhere near your money's worth. Who knows, your site may cost you less than $1 a month on pay as you go hosting (or it could even be free!). So why not give us a shot?
  • Seriously? Pay as you go? Why?!?
    Yes, seriously! The why part is very easy to answer. Because we can. We found it much, much easier to do things this way. It benefits you, the customer, because you pay as little as is absolutely necessary for exactly those services which you use. It also gives us much more incentive to see you succeed. The better your website is doing, the better we are doing. How many other web hosts out there hinge their own success on yours?
  • What's the catch?
    There is no catch. When you initially sign up, you pay a (minimum) $10 deposit into your account. Your account will be provisioned and you can log in to MUHDash and begin your hosting experience. From within MUHDash you can add money to your account when it gets low.
  • Why do you require a minimum $10 to fund my account?
    The $10 gets placed in your account. We then bill you for the resources you use, deducting funds from this account at the end of every month. Most web hosts out there require you to pre-pay, and in a round about sort of way, we do too. The difference is, with other hosts that $10 might last only a month. With us, that $10 could last you an entire year!
  • Why do you require so much information on the signup page?
    Put simply - to help keep out spammers and wrong-doers. These people are less likely to want to provide this information. Now, with that said, we will protect your personal information that you provide to us during the signup process. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
  • Do you offer cPanel or some other web-based control panel?
    We have a custom built application called MUHDash. From within this system, you can manage all aspects of your hosting experience. Add and remove domains on your account, create new mailboxes and databases, and view your current usage and charges. It doesn't get much easier!
  • HELP! I get a scary warning when clicking on the Customer Dashboard!
    The reason why you're seeing a warning is because we use a self-signed SSL certificate to protect your access to the Customer Dashboard. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, but your web browser will flag it as suspicious because a third party did not verify we are who we say we are. But rest assured, we are :-). You can safely proceed, despite the browser's warning.
  • Do you have a blog?
    Not officially, but occasionally Aaron will post updates on his blog.
  • Why is your website so plain?
    Our website design is plain by design. We wanted to keep it sweet and simple. But what were you expecting? The same stock images you see on the other webhosts' sites? We don't think that putting pictures of server racks and random people starting into space on our site really fits our personality. So yes, the website is very basic. But it serves us perfectly.